Mahamuni Paya – Mandalay

In 1784, King Bodawpaya and his Burmese Army seized an ancient bronze Buddha and transported it to this current site in Mandalay. In the gallery at Mahamuni, large paintings created in the 1950s tell the story of its epic journey.

Except for the face of the Buddha, which is polished by a monk every morning at 4 o’clock, the surface is covered in a six inch layer of gold, as a result of years of the application of gold leaf. Only male visitors to the pagoda are allowed to near the inner sanctum and place the leaf on the Buddha. The second photograph in this post was taken by my husband. I had a view further back with the women.

Mayamuni Paya - picture galleryMahamuni Paya - Mandalay 3 May 2015Mahamuni Paya 2

Mahamuni Paya precinct

Ceramic jars like these are found all over Burma for people as accessible sources of cold drinking water.

Water Jars at Mahamuni Paya

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