Daily Archives: 02/05/2015

The dry is evident as you fly into Mandalay.

The wet season is somewhere around the corner.

It’s been late before to this part of the world.

Dry heat greets us off the plane.

Bus to the terminal.

Immigration arrival cards.

Luggage scan.

Non-functioning ATMs.

Currency exchange.

The higher the denomination,

the crisper the note,

the better the rate.

Shared taxi into town

Open windows.

Bougainvillea and flame orange colours

line the concrete highway.


city outskirts.


Horns sounding.

The smell of gasoline.

Local passengers alight.

Driver puts windows up, air-con on.

Impolite to say no.

Fuel stop.


An unsealed road to our hotel.

Welcome to Mandalay.


Hotel Yadanarbonacross the moat to Mandalay Palace

Mandalay cycles 1