Daily Archives: 02/03/2015

This young magpie and his mother are regular visitors to our back yard. While I was hunting for new spiders this morning, they descended onto the fence. I lifted the camera to take a quick shot of the two of them, when  ……. Young magpie and mother - 2 March 2015- watermarked

It’s a windy day today with blue-glare skies, the kind of wind that feels like it might blow in a storm, or not.

The dome spider’s web is holding firm. Today’s first picture may not hit the mark as far as macro-focus goes, but it does show that this spider is not letting go, no matter how bumpy the ride.

dome spider - web aerials - Grunge 17 - 2 March- watermarkedDome spider 2 March 2015 - Grunge 17- watermarked-2Dome spider web - 2 March 2015 - Grunge 17- watermarked