Daily Archives: 09/02/2015

There’s nothing more that sends you back to the past than browsing through old Kodachrome slide photographs of travels you took in your youth. This is my first attempt, using a slide duplicator that screws to the front of a camera lens. With an adapter at both ends of the lens and a macro lens, these were never going to be perfect reproductions. Read into that, depth of field equals next to nil.

I persisted with a selection of them as I was curious to see the outcome – blurry (rather like the memories) and ripe for some effects work.

Some time in the future, I’ll borrow a camera that doesn’t require the lens adaptor at the front end. In the meantime, here are a dozen of the snaps taken way back in 1980.

Amsterdam - flower market

Amsterdam – flower market

Slides - Eiffel Tower - 1980

Paris – Eiffel Tower

Slides - Gastof Riedenburg, East Germany 1980

East Germany – guest house

Slides - The Louvre - 1980

Paris – The Louvre

Slides - The Colosseum - Rome 1980

Rome – The Colosseum

Slides - Venice - 1980


Slides - 1936 Olympic Stadium - Berlin - 1980

Berlin – 1936 Olympic Stadium

Slides - Berlin Wall #2 - 1980

The Berlin Wall

Slides - apple orchard - Kent 1980

England – Kent apple orchard

Slides - Piccadilly Circus 1 - 1980

London – Piccadilly Circus

Slides - Glenda Jackson in Rose - York Theatre London 1980

London – Duke of York’s Theatre

Slides - Tom Foolery - London - 1980

London – Criterion Theatre