when photographs become greeting cards

Around a year or so ago, I ordered greeting cards from my own photographs. Thus far, they’ve been mostly for personal use and/or bundled up as gifts.

When I learned that a Suitcase Rummage was going to be held in our local area at the end of next month, I decided it was time to test the market, so to speak. As well as books and other bric-a-brac around the house, I’ll be packaging individual cards to sell.

They arrived from MOO today, just a week after the order was placed. All blank inside, they measure approximately 6″ x 4″. The Rummage isn’t until the end of March, but I couldn’t miss taking advantage of sale prices on printing in the month of January.

I’ll report back on their success or otherwise, and on the event itself.

Feb 2015 cards set 1 x 6

Feb 2015 cards set 3 x 6Feb 2015 cards set 2 x 6

1 comment
  1. I think they’ll be a hit – the seal and the seagull are particularly enticing images.

    Thanks Alastair! Will be interesting to see which ones sell and which

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