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The rental car (Chevy Chariot*) went back this morning and we took to MARTA to explore Atlanta’s city centre. As an aside, Margaret Mitchell wrote Gone with the Wind in Atlanta. Today there was wind. Blowing south from the Arctic. There’s a freeze warning out for Atlanta tonight and tomorrow. Yes there is.

* It is true that some people can drive around in a car for over 6 weeks and not be able to recognise that it was in fact a Chrysler. In my defence, Chrysler Chariot does not have quite the same ring to it.

Atlanta CBD 9

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This journey is coming to a close and there’s a slow and gentle wind-down taking place. Today we visited a school mate of Rob’s and bought a suitcase to carry home items we’ve accumulated along the way. Getting into some normal. The temperature will drop considerably over the next few days before we fly home on Saturday. Almost summer yesterday, grab your coats and scarves tomorrow.

Tonight’s meal was in a Turkish restaurant, accompanied by hip-hop music, yes hip-hop music – falafel and all the trimmings. We passed on the hookah.

Falafel Istanbul - 12 Nov 2014 - Atlanta Hookah - Istanbul - Atlanta

The title of this post could be a Greek mythical story. Not so, for today I bring you news of Helen, a little taste of Germany in the north of Georgia.

Hot on the heels of their annual Oktoberfest, the Christmas decorations and lights are being readied.

After breakfast at the bakery this morning, we stocked up on some more carbs, because after travelling in the US for some weeks, that’s what we need.

House of Jerky Helen, Georgia Christmas is coming to Helen, Georgia pretzel rolls

We’re in Atlanta for the last leg of the trip. Rob is a gifted travel planner and his skill in finding value accommodation has come to the fore again. We’re in a top floor apartment just north of the city centre until we fly on Saturday, which will give us a chance to see Atlanta and surrounds, and get ourselves ready for the trip home.

I’ve been offline for a few days ‘camping’ in North Carolina with friends I met last year at the same event. As and when it all gets distilled in my head, I’ll be posting about the highlights. It may take some time to compile them, as there are many.

Here’s our view for the next few days, that is, if you go out onto the balcony and turn left. 🙂

Atlanta skyline 10 Nov 2014 Atlanta skyline 3 Atlanta sunset - 10 November 2014


Atlanta night skyline

Today’s is a guest post from Rob, writing about his tour and trek in the Smoky Mountains while I was steeping myself in poetry at camp.

After leaving Asheville, I spent a couple days in Hot Springs NC, once a popular health resort come WWI German Internment camp.  Now popular for trekking and rafting.

Hot Springs - North Carolina RHW

Frosty start to the next day passing through some great Madison County rural scenery en route to the town of Cherokee where there’s a captivating museum documenting the history of the Cherokee nation, including its forced removal to Oklahoma.  This is also commemorated with a recently opened hiking trail of their journey to Oklahoma, “The Trail of Tears.”

Madison County - RHWCherokee - RHWSequoyah Syllabeary - RHW

Then back on the road again, when suddenly all the traffic came to a standstill with a surprise sighting of an elk by the roadside!!

Elk - RHW

The last few photos are of the magnificent autumn colours in the Smokies, Nantahala Gorge rapids where the 2013 World Kayaking championships were held, and finally the Whitewater Falls on the border of North and South Carolina.

Smoky Mountains - RHW

Nantahala Canyon - RHW

Whitewater Falls - NC - RHW

Curiosity took us out to check out the Biltmore Estate in Asheville this morning. Not that entry was going to be likely, given the ticket price is $59.00 per person! Still, the phenomenon of hundreds of cars lined up to go in at 10.00 am on a Wednesday was something to observe.

A better deal was to visit the Thomas Wolfe Memorial in town. We learned much about the writer, and more about his mother, Julia, who ran this large boarding house quaintly called “Old Kentucky Home”.

The Pinball Museum (yes there is!) didn’t open until 4.00 pm. 😦

I had a particularly fun rendez-vous outside the Art Museum. This is where Rob and I parted ways. Temporarily, you understand. Rob is off hiking and/or exploring the surrounding area and I’m currently here for four days of catch ups and new connections. Here, there be poetry and music, a lake and squirrels, a labyrinth and autumn leaves, and a great sense of community (and chocolate and wine if you know who to ask).

Tonight’s photos are but a taste of today.

Look Homeward, Angel

Double decker coffee shop, AshevilleFine Arts Theatre, Asheville NCChalk wall - AshevilleFresh Broad Coop Shop - Asheville NC