Helen to Atlanta

The title of this post could be a Greek mythical story. Not so, for today I bring you news of Helen, a little taste of Germany in the north of Georgia.

Hot on the heels of their annual Oktoberfest, the Christmas decorations and lights are being readied.

After breakfast at the bakery this morning, we stocked up on some more carbs, because after travelling in the US for some weeks, that’s what we need.

House of Jerky Helen, Georgia Christmas is coming to Helen, Georgia pretzel rolls

We’re in Atlanta for the last leg of the trip. Rob is a gifted travel planner and his skill in finding value accommodation has come to the fore again. We’re in a top floor apartment just north of the city centre until we fly on Saturday, which will give us a chance to see Atlanta and surrounds, and get ourselves ready for the trip home.

I’ve been offline for a few days ‘camping’ in North Carolina with friends I met last year at the same event. As and when it all gets distilled in my head, I’ll be posting about the highlights. It may take some time to compile them, as there are many.

Here’s our view for the next few days, that is, if you go out onto the balcony and turn left. 🙂

Atlanta skyline 10 Nov 2014 Atlanta skyline 3 Atlanta sunset - 10 November 2014


Atlanta night skyline

  1. Susan Johnson said:

    Wonderful travels lynn!! Helen is a trip, isn’t it? And I love that you saw stone mountain (the birthplace of the kkk) and the old fourth ward/MLK area on the same day. I love the MLK center!

    Can I share your skyline pics with my daughters? They are great pics – and they love their “home” skyline!

  2. Shawn said:

    Thanks for your support (house of jerky & such)

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