along the Blue Ridge Parkway

Deer - Skyline Drive 3 Nov 2014

We drove down the road a bit from Skyland to Big Meadows for breakfast. I deviated from the more healthy option of oatmeal today to sample a ‘short’ stack of buttermilk pancakes. I deviated a little more and ordered a side of Apple Smoked Bacon.

The pancakes came (sans bacon) and I immediately knew that there would be no lunch today. After I’d all but completed the mission to eat the pancakes, and to ensure the bacon didn’t appear on the bill, I mentioned its absence.

“Oh. The bacon didn’ come?”


“You still wan’ it?”

Another deviation, this time into Staunton, home of the Woodrow Wilson Presidential Library and Museum. He was born in this manse and spent less than 12 months of his life here before his father, a Presbyterian Minister, took a posting in Georgia.

Woodrow Wilson birthplace

Here’s a sample of the Blue Ridge Parkway today.

Skyline Drive 1

I want to end today’s post with a plea to the person whose responsibility it is for such signage as appears below.

When the Visitor Centre is a mile or two off the Parkway, and it’s closed for the season, can you PLEASE put a sign on the sign to indicate thus.  Thank you.

We made it to Floyd tonight and found a place to stay without Visitor Centre assistance.  🙂

Blue Ridge Parkway Visitor Centre




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