a taste of the Civil War and autumn in Virginia’s mountains

Except for breakfast, which always lights up my morning, yesterday’s first activities were of a sombre nature. We began with a visit to Ford’s Theatre where Abraham Lincoln was shot. Before we knew it we were in Virginia, being blown off our feet by cold winds at Manassas. This is the location of two battles won by the Confederate Army in the Civil War, and the place where General Thomas Jonathan Jackson earned his moniker, Stonewall.

The Skyline Drive provides stunning views of the Shenandoah Valley. Many of the leaves are holding on at lower attitudes. Despite the seemingly hundreds of people on a Sunday drive, we managed to snaffle a room in this cabin at Skyland. The temperature was below zero around dinner time and thus required some red wine in the camp dining room to ameliorate the situation.

Sunday breakfast place in Washington DCFord's Theatre - Washington DCManassas 5Manassas 1Manassas 4 - Stonewall Jackson

Shenandoah ValleySkyline Drive - 1 November 2014Skyland accommodation - highest point on Drive

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