Daily Archives: 02/11/2014

Rain threatened all day but did not eventuate. We crossed the Potomac River to Arlington Cemetery this morning where I learned that Robert E Lee lived very close to the capital before the Civil War and that he was married to the great-granddaughter of Martha Washington.

Washington DC from Arlington Cemetery

Arlington House

On to the Museum of American History where I learned that I was more excited about seeing Julia Child’s kitchen and Judy Garland’s Wizard of Oz slippers than all of the engineering and other historic marvels on display. I did take the time to photograph this Ford Mustang for a certain brother-in-law. The car was launched in New York in 1964 at the World’s Fair.

Julia Child's KitchenMustang - World's Fair 1964

When it comes to bones, fossils and stuffed animals, the Museum of Natural History does good. I do love museums on a grand scale.

Museum of Natural History - rotunda