Daily Archives: 29/10/2014

This is Benjamin Franklin’s town. In the old city, it’s all cobblestones and narrow streets. Along the Delaware River, it’s concession stands closed for the summer season and old vessels with stories to tell.

Franklin has his very own interactive Museum, underneath the site of his last house which is ghosted in steel within Franklin Court. His inventions and business enterprises are featured in the Museum, though I saw no mention of his propensity for what he called ‘air baths’.

He’s in Independence Hall where he was present for the creation of the Constitution, not to mention the Benjamin Franklin Bridge and an ice-cream store called The Franklin Fountain.

Today was a 26 degree day (78F) and we made the most of it.

Assembly Room Independence HallSmith Premier Typewriter advertisementold frontages - PhiladelphiaPhiladelphia clockFranklin Fountain buildingInside the Bourse BuildingIndependence Hall et al

Assembly in Independence HallRemember the ladiesPenn's Landing signOlympia and Becunaclosed for the season - Philadelphia waterfrontLiberation of Jane JohnsonPhiladelphia Row HousesBenjamin Franklin - bifocalsBenjamin Franklin Bridge

The Franklin Fountain