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A short place marker of a post to note that we visited Greenfield Village and the Henry Ford Museum in the past couple of days. The Henry Ford story is a complex one. I’m still processing the impressions I took away from both places.

Notwithstanding the above, nearly 60 years ago, Rosa Parks rode in a bus in Montgomery, Alabama and made history. On this day I got to sit in that bus and soak up the spirit of her courage and the stand that she made that day.

Henry Ford Museum 2Rosa Parks bus - Henry Ford Museum



We’ve been staying in Dearborn in the Detroit area for the past couple of days. It’s been a good base to visit the nearby Henry Ford Museum and drive east to Ann Arbor for a visit.

This afternoon we made our way into Detroit itself, a city centre that’s in need of some love to lift her out of the doldrums. It was a shock to drive down East Grand Avenue, a wide street once full of beautiful large homes and apartment blocks, now abandoned. The shiny GM Building stands in stark contrast.

I hope Detroit’s time will come again.

If you ever find yourself in Detroit, I recommend a visit to the Detroit Convention and Visitors Bureau. Deb made our afternoon with her enthusiasm and went out of her way to get us the information we needed.  One other thing, don’t visit Detroit on a Monday – you’ll miss most of the museums on offer. 🙂

Detroit 1

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