Daily Archives: 19/10/2014

We began Friday with a detour to one of Frank Lloyd Wright’s prairie houses (Wingspread) just north of Racine in Wisconsin. It is also a conference centre. When there’s a meeting or conference in session, the tours of the house do not take place. Hmmmmm.  We got permission to view the outside though.

Wingspread 2Wingspread 1Wingspread 3From Wisconsin, we skirted through Illinois, then dashed across Indiana, before landing in Michigan. It was cold and raining, so a reconnaissance walk around the village of Saugatuck was called for. Then he saw it. A sign outside the Irish Pub. Guinness on tap!

Better still, we didn’t have to pay for the drop. Not a cent.

This was the extent of what came out of the tap. The keg was empty. On this rainy Friday night in a town full of week-ending vacationers, the Irish Pub was totally out of Guinness.

Guinness in Saugatuck, MI



Or Superman.

These are external shots of the Broad Art Museum at Michigan State University in East Lansing. That’s the museum we came off the highway to see. That’s the museum where the interior has been a location for the shooting of the Batman v Superman movie, Dawn of Justice. They are currently bumping out of the site. The museum will not be open again until Tuesday.

Broad Art Museum MSU 2 Broad Art Museum - MSU 3 Broad Art Museum - MSU - 1

Still, if we hadn’t come off the highway, we would never have found this!

Mac n Cheez!