Badlands, South Dakota

Our visit to Badlands National Park in South Dakota was atmospheric rather than kaleidoscopically colourful, as it might have been if the sun was shining. The sunflowers surrounding the park had their heads bowed. The geese were heading south. Even the sentry prairie dogs were laying low in their burrows. It was dark and cold, reminiscent of the landscape of Wuthering Heights, only the wind was whipping off the prairies, not the English moors.

Nevertheless, the pinnacles shone through with albeit muted colours.

Badlands National ParkGeese heading SouthBadlands BisonBadlands landscape 7Badlands landscape 2Badlands landscape 1Badlands landscape 3Badlands landscape 4Badlands landscape 8Badlands landscape 5Badlands landscape 10Badlands landscape 9


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