Daily Archives: 06/10/2014

An early morning wake up began today. “Want to go for a drive?”

The views of Lake Maligne did not disappoint. We took the Mary Schaffer loop walk in sub-zero temperatures.

Then on to Maligne Canyon before seeing a few Mule Deer as well as mountain sheep. The Looking for Bears (LFB) mission has had a second string added to it. We are now also Looking for Moose. The only moose evidence we found today was scatalogical.

Lake Maligne panorama - Sun 5 Oct 2014Lake Maligne panoramaFrosty morning - Sunday 5 October

Squirrel - Lake Maligne - 5 Oct 2014Bird - Lake MaligneMaligne Canyon - 5 Oct 2014

Mule deer - Sun 5 Oct 2014mountain sheep - Jasper - 5 Oct 2014