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Regional map

For the cartographically minded among you, I give you an extract from this Juneau to Porcupine River map (per Skagway Museum). Please note I apparently have a canal named after me.

Whale territory - 23 Sept 2014

If the whales hadn’t shown up, the surrounding landscape in and around the Gastineau Channel might well have been sufficient compensation. Yet killer whales did show up. This particular one was captured by Rob Walsh. Here’s some humpback whale tail activity from the afternoon whale watch under clear blue skies. Somewhat closer than the sightings we had from Stradbroke Island three weeks ago. Magic!

Killer whale - Juneau whale watching - RHW - 23 Sept 2014

Tail dive 2 - 23 Sept 2014

Tail dive - Juneau 23 Sept 2014


Whale tails 1

In the late afternoon, we visited the beautiful Mendenhall Glacier.

Mendenhall Glacier 1 - reflections