Leaving Seattle

It was game day on Sunday, not that you would have noticed travelling in from the airport hotel precinct on the light rail. It was up close and personal with all the fans heading to the stadium.

Game day - Seahawks v Broncos - 21 Sep 2014

We found some time before we boarded a VERY BIG BOAT to revisit Pike Place Market on a day when the bluest skies you’ve ever seen were actually in Seattle.

Pike Place Market - neon fish sign - 20 Sept 2014

Pike Place Market - fruit stall - 21 Sep 2014

Dahlias - 20 Sept 2014 - Worn Pop 17

We left the Space Needle behind and headed out into Puget Sound in the late afternoon and enjoyed a special dinner in the French restaurant on board for our wedding anniversary (courtesy of someone who made the booking some time ago). Sweet!

Seattle skyline panorama - 20 Sep 2014

Anniversary dinner - Le Bistro - NCL - 21 Sep 2014




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  1. DebReynolds said:

    I loved that show. That song.

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