a walk, a river, bridges and breakfast

This is us enjoying our last morning in Portland, Oregon. The city turned on another warm sunny day as if to order. We enjoyed breakfast at Lovejoy Bakery with Ann Marie and Skip and walked it off on a river and bridge walk. Thank you both for your hospitality. It was great to meet up and we very much appreciated your company.

Portland portrait - 20 Sep 2014

Bridge and river walk 2 - Portland - 20 Sep 2014Bridge and river walk - Portland 20 Sep 2014

I couldn’t resist grunging up this one.

Bridge and river walk - 20 Sep 2014

Then it was on to AMTRAK’s Cascades afternoon train to Seattle. We passed underneath the twin Tacoma Narrows Bridges and arrived at the freshly renovated King Street Station.

There’s a big American Football game on tomorrow between the Seattle Seahawks, current Super Bowl champions, and the Denver Broncos. We’re staying out at the airport where even in this precinct, hotel rooms are hard to find tonight. We’ll be navigating our way into the city before the game and are looking forward to being a part of the pre-game atmosphere as we head in to board a ship bound for Alaska. Ginny, we’ll wave towards Whidbey Island on the way out of the Sound.

Tacoma Narrows Bridge from Cascade Train - 20 Sep 2014King St Station - Seattle - 20 Sep 2014

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