Daily Archives: 18/09/2014

Dear Tony

Please forgive the informality. I feel like we should be on first name terms.

Thank you very much for The Layover program, in particular the San Francisco edition, where you alerted us to the existence of the Swan Oyster Depot. Our lunch today was the perfect intermission in our day, sandwiched as it was between a stunning morning walk along the California Coastal Trail and an afternoon ferry ride across the Bay.

The hour in line to join the counter was well worth the wait. We started with a cold Anchor Steam Beer to accompany a mixed dozen of the freshest oysters which we watched being shucked. Then it was on to a cracked cold crab which was equally delectable. We were made to feel very welcome and all of our requests were met with good humour. Despite the growing queue outside, there was no pressure on anyone to rush their meal. It was a wonderful experience.

We ended the day with pasta from Uncle Vito’s which, while most enjoyable, could not begin to match the sheer pleasure and entertainment that we found on Polk Street.

Yours most gratefully.

Golden Gate Bridge - morning Coastal Walk - 17 Sept 2014

Golden Gate Bridge 2 - 17 Sept 2014Cliff House - 17 Sep 2014Swan Oyster Depot - waiting in line

Swan Oyster Depot wall menuSwan Oyster Depot - schucking our oystersSF Skyline

The squirrel sighting was a bonus. This photograph is offered up for those who are easily distracted.