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You forget how steep the hills are in San Francisco until you need to walk them. San Francisco hill climbs

September San Francisco sky and hill climbs

This afternoon was the kind of Spring activity you have after you’ve both agreed that, after being awake for 24 hours, sleep is the sensible option. Then the need for food arises, and wins.

pear and goat cheese salad at Estela's Sandwich Shop Bush Street SF

And of course, it really is a good idea to get out into the sunshine for a melatonin fix to adjust more quickly to the time zone, so we can go to bed on West Coast USA time and not still be 18 hours ahead on the body clock. Today’s walk steered clear of the hot spots, as will tomorrow. No Fisherman’s Wharf, no Alcatraz, no cable car rides. Just a steady reconnaissance around downtown and Chinatown.

The stop off at Lori’s Diner was to charge up for the hill climb back to our digs. I ordered a chocolate malt and forgot to say no cream.  This might well have been considered impolite as the server was very keenly pitching every kind of extra calorie boost to her customers. I worked around the problem.

Marquards Cigar Store - San FranciscoFacade and fire escape 1 - San FranciscoLori's Diner - exterior - San FranciscoLori's Diner interior - San Francisco

A short rest break then it was out for a quick Chinese meal, having clocked up 32 hours of nothing but the odd short doze. It was a relatively painless excursion across the ocean and through airport processes. A good start to the trip.

City Chopsticks - San FranciscoEggplant - City Chopsticks SF