Daily Archives: 09/09/2014

Just over a fortnight ago, I came across this mound and a lone Brush Turkey on a rainy walk. Early on Sunday morning I found the pair on the same mound. They were making adjustments to the nest together presumably getting the temperature just right for when the eggs are laid. Spring is definitely with us.

brush turkey pair - Sunday 7 Sep 2014

Down on the point, I’m persisting with my self-imposed learning journey to capture birds in flight.

black and white stilts

Morning stilts

There was a healthy breeze picking up as the mid-morning car ferry left Cleveland on Saturday. We were on the best kind of day trip, one that’s combined with a catch up with friends.

Car ferry to Stradbroke Island - 6 Sept 2014

The gannets and pelicans were fishing on Flinders Beach. We were blown away by the wind on the North Gorge Walk then finally our patience was rewarded as we saw whales amid the choppy ocean, fin slapping as they headed south.

Windy day - Main Beach Stradbroke Island 6 Sept 2014

Then it was a picnic lunch at Cylinder Beach, some dolphins close in the waves, non-stop talking and laughing.

Cylinder Beach picnic - 6 Sept 2014

Main Beach - Stradbroke Island 6 Sept 2014

The last beach run in the vehicle became a race against the incoming tide.

Brown Lake - Stradbroke Island 6 Sept 2014

A stop at Brown Lake before ice-creams and a small tipple on the ferry home. It was a good day. A very good day.