a Sunday afternoon in Newcastle

It was an occasion of sadness and the celebration of a life that brought us to Newcastle this past weekend. We took to our feet around the harbour and into the city centre in search of a light late lunch. In no particular order …….

Grain silos - Newcastle Harbour

Afternoon sun on grain silos – Newcastle Harbour


Honeysuckle Precinct Sunday afternoon

Honeysuckle Precinct – Newcastle

James Squire

The Squire’s Maiden – Honeysuckle


Great Northern - 10 Aug 2014

Great Northern Hotel – Section

Old Victoria Theatre - Newcastle - FX Ancient Canvas

Old Victoria Theatre – closed as a theatre in 1966

Stage Door

Laundry powder advertising - Vintage FX

Remnants of advertising – laundry detergent

Trades Hall Newcastle - Grunge then FX Aged

The old Trades Hall – c 1890s

Technical College Grunge 04 then FX Aged

The old Technical College – 1894

Oyster BarOyster selection - FX Warm

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