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Playing with pop on two bird photographs using Grungetastic.  There are hundreds of variations possible. These lend themselves to old-fashioned screen printing.

Great Blue Heron – Stanley Park, Vancouver – March 2012 (Worn Pop effect)

great blue heron 1 - Stanley Park - Worn Pop 18

Seagull – Cape Leveque, Western Australia (Pop Grunge effect)

seagull - Pop Grunge 14

As I browse through my collections, I keep being tempted to give ‘the treatment’ to some of my favourite shots and memories.  Here’s a selection of photographs taken in Madagascar in 2012.

These are all treated with Grunge in Grungetastic, albeit with different strengths and tones.

Madagascar 10 - Grunge 02 Madagascar 9 - Grunge 02 Madagascar 8 - Grunge 02 Madagascar 7 - Grunge 02 Madagascar 6 - Grunge 02 Madagascar 5 - Grunge 02 Madagascar 4 - Grunge 02 Madagascar 3 - Grunge 02 Madagascar 2 - Grunge 02 Madagascar 1 Grunge 02

Just because a photograph hasn’t captured what you’d hoped, it doesn’t necessarily mean you should ditch it.  This was a photo of a whistling kite feeding her babies at dusk on Lake Argyle in Western Australia.  It has been transformed into a quite respectable image using Grungetastic’s Distressed element.

whistling kite feeding young - Lake Argyle - Grungetastic - Distressed 05

The photographs taken at Marlgu Billabong in and around the bird hide lend themselves to a bit of treatment. Occasionally, an out-of-focus picture can be given some forgiveness and resurrection through this kind of play, for example, the darter below who’d just come up with a fish.

lagoon - Gritty 13birds in lagoon - Wyndham - Grungetastic - Distressed 07Darter - Wyndham - Grunge 03Pelican open bill - Wyndham - Gritty 13goose in flight - Gritty 17

It will come as no surprise to some that I took thousands of photographs on the trip to the Kimberley last year.  I’m scanning those pics to find those that didn’t feature in the blog (mostly) and give them a treatment with Grungetastic.  Here are seven of them, up to and including Halligan Bay at Lake Eyre.

Pelican at Innamincka

Pelican - Grungetastic - Worn 3Caldega Ruins

Caldega Ruins - Grungetastic - Worn 3

The Birdsville Pub

Birdsville Hotel - Grungetastic - Distressed 16

abandoned truck in Birdsville

old truck - Birdsville - Grungetastic - Worn 6

barbed wire – near Birdsville

barbed wire - Birdsville - Grungetastic - Worn 16

Lake Eyre Yacht Club – Marree

Lake Eyre Yacht Club - Grungetastic - Gritty 18

Halligan Bay – Lake Eyre shore

Lake Eyre Shores - Grungetastic - Worn 1

On the hunt for some more photo effect applications, I stumbled upon Grungetastic

It’s amazing what visual joy can be created via the wonder of technology from your very own photographs.  In the examples below, the photos were all taken with an iPhone 5.

Now to set my mind on a way to reproduce favourite visuals into tangible objects.

Back yard poinciana

original photo using fisheye lens on iPhone -> Waterlogue effect -> Grungetastic

Fern garden - fisheye

Painted in Waterlogue

Fern garden - fisheye - Waterlogue - Grungetastic effects

Cottage garden in Bothwell, Tasmania.

Original iPhone photos -> Grungetastic (Pop Grunge effect with variations)

Cottage garden #1

Cottage garden - Grungetastic - Pop Grunge 16 with variations

Cottage garden #2Cottage garden - Grungetastic - Pop Grunge 20 variation #2

Cottage garden #3Cottage garden - Grungetastic - Pop Grunge 20 variation

As if I’m not already the most easily distracted person on the planet, “Squirrel!”, along comes an app that does this!  It’s called Waterlogue and works on the iPhone and iPad.  HT to Betsy Edwards for sharing.

So I had to have a play with it.  So far, the best results I’ve had have been on photos of flowers. I’ve included some of the original pics for comparison.

bromeliad pic Painted in Waterlogue

IMG_2271Painted in WaterlogueIMG_2225Painted in Waterlogue

IMG_2275Painted in Waterlogue

Painted in WaterloguePainted in WaterloguePainted in WaterloguePainted in Waterlogue