Daily Archives: 01/01/2014

The Museum of Old and New Art in Hobart is worth a revisit. Ten months after our first experience, we took the ferry up the Derwent to see the current Red Queen exhibition. What with the holiday season, and the growing popularity of MONA, the self-guide iPods were in high demand and required sharing between two. I chose to go it alone and found myself enjoying the art works without any signage (there is none on the walls) or audio-visual assistance.

MONA lift

The ride down to the start of the galleries, through the sheer sandstone walls, hasn’t lost any of its impact.

Click on The Red Queen link above for a sense of the eclectic offerings in this exhibition.

My favourite piece was Depraved Pursuit of a Possum by UK artist Tessa Farmer, a work of fascinating detail and shadows.

MONA insects 2

MONA insects 1

MONA insects 3MONA insects 4