remembering Oz magazine

Martin Sharp - Eternity - Haymarket via SMHWith the sad passing of artist Martin Sharp this week, it’s time to salute his art, his love of Eternity and his contribution to Oz magazine.

In February 1964, the authorities got their togas in a tangle over the front page of the satirical magazine Oz’s edition number 6 as a sculpture by Tom Bass was portrayed as a public urinal. (photo via Wikipedia). The Canberra Times of 27 February 1965 reported the successful appeal of the three men to their convictions and prison sentences. 

Oz_magazine_Issue_6_Feb_1964 Oz vindicated - Canberra Times 1965

In March this year, The Australian’s Arts section interviewed Richard Neville and Richard Walsh to remember when the editorial trio, that included Martin Sharp, pushed the boundaries in an age when Australia wasn’t quite up to the shocks to its sensibilities.

Vale Martin Sharp.

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  1. Being a long haired teenager in the 60’s Oz magazine and International Times were essential reading. In todays world when you look back at the court cases it does make you wonder why the establishment were so afraid and why they dished out such harsh sentences.

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