Daily Archives: 03/11/2013

Nazim Hikmet collage.

Today, I have to thank the Brisbane Courier Mail’s Life columnist Kathleen Noonan for the push for this post. My current thirst for poets and poetry does not appear to be slaking in any way shape or form despite an overflowing glass.

Noonan jumps off the poem Things I Didn’t Know I Loved by Turkish poet Nazim Hikmet to compose Saturday’s Last Word column.

As she says, this poem “starts the brain fizzing like shaken ginger beer”.  I’m sorry I’m not able to share a link to the column with you – paid firewalls are not my favourite development in newspaper history.

The writing prompt begins thus.

“I didn’t know I loved ……” This will be my daily starter exercise for a few days.

Thanks to Kathleen Noonan, I’m also off to explore another reference in yesterday’s column. It’s the work of wordsmith Mark Forsyth (aka The Inky Fool) who, according to the foreword in his book The Horilogicon, was given an Oxford English Dictionary as a christening present. Start ’em early.

I’ve found The Inky Fool’s blog and his post about the word scintilla is as good a place as any to start enjoying his work.