two hundred posts

Derby sand flats landscape from air 1Ten months ago, I started this blog not really knowing how it might take shape. It was a case of eyes closed and jump in with an anything-and-everything approach.

The initial intention was “whatever sparks my interest”. I worried that it might be a bit amorphous. Much of the content produced thus far could conceivably be syphoned off into categories for their own ‘special subject’ blog. It’s become a mix of poetry, photography, efforts at drawing, travelogue, writing, food and the occasional rant. It has developed a life of its own. It demands that I feed it often and regularly, much like a newborn.

It’s a great place for me to collect bits and pieces that spark some of that creativity which lives in all of us. Theoretically, the action of collecting thoughts online should mean a tidier desk, but some habits are hard to break.

So on this 200th scribble, here’s to the mish-mash of self-expression, sharing what it means to be human in a sometimes hostile world, and putting stuff out there to those who are kind enough to drop by.

1 comment
  1. Debby said:

    hi Lynn, keep it up! I really enjoy reading your posts, especially your poetry,
    which prompted me to write this for you to thank you.

    Alone at my desk
    eager anticipation
    wordsmith and her prose
    glimpes of passion long lost
    Inspires this restless soul.

    Debby – This makes me VERY happy. Writing feeds the soul! Thank you.

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