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Courage doesn’t always roar – Mary Anne Radmacher

I have great admiration for people who quietly go about their business without fanfare, and with sustained impact.

When I was signing up for Create Sessions at camp, I had no hesitation in selecting Maya Stein’s Writing with Whimsy. I shared one of her poems here, in the early days of this blog.

Little did I know I’d encounter a tag team act (Maya and Amy Tingle) who, through their shared art and writing projects, are changing the world, one story at a time.

Little did I also know that I would have the pleasure of capturing their spirit in my photographs. And make a quiet and strong connection. Thank you two so much for noticing.

Here are links to some of the projects of Maya and Amy that have made, and are making, a real difference at the heart of things.

Brave Girls Art

Type Rider

and Food for the Soul Train where MAUDE (Mobile Art Unit Designed for Everyone) is the vehicle for bringing community and creativity together. This is what Maude the restored vintage caravan looks like on the inside. Maya and Amy brought MAUDE to camp with them on her maiden voyage.

DSC07060 DSC07061

Maya Stein poetry in motion

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