Glenis Redmond

When I’m living life, that’s when the poems come. – Glenis Redmond

Glenis Redmond writes what she calls poems of origin. She brings her whole self to her poetry performances. She helps others who need to tell their stories. She does not suppress ‘the shadow side’ of life and exhorts other writers to tell all of their story.

My usual pattern when I see and hear people whose work I admire is to hold back, to not want to intrude or be considered a fawning fan. Even when Glenis was sitting at my table after she spoke, I could not bring myself to say anything to her about my appreciation of the impact she makes with her work.

Fortunately, I found her and my courage later that afternoon as she was waiting for the lift/elevator. She was gracious and heard me. Then she said, “Stay in touch”.

Stay in touch. That’s one of the biggest lessons I learned on this amazing weekend. Stay in touch. With yourself and with others.

Glenis’ TEDx Greenville talk includes her signature poem, Mama’s Magic. Do yourself a favour and hear this.

Glenis Redmond 2 Glenis Redmond 1

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