Daily Archives: 09/09/2013

remnants of an inland seaMillions of years ago, there were varying forms of an inland sea cutting itself across what is now the terrestrial continent of Australia.

Richmond, among other centres in Central Queensland, boasts some amazing dinosaur and other fossil finds. There’s a treasure trove of bones still waiting to be uncovered in this region.

Here’s a selection of what’s in the collection at “Kronosaurus Korner”.

Turtle headturtle head 2

fish skeletonfish skeleton 2

fish skeleton 3

fish head

reedsKronosaurus tooth

Kronosaurus Korner

We popped in to see Digby today. That’s the name of the Julia Creek Dunnart kept in captivity in a dark habitat in the town of Julia Creek. He’s lived a good bit longer than dunnarts in the wild and is doing his bit to promote the fact that his fellow dunnarts are endangered as a species.

This 3 year old was kind enough to occasionally stand still for the shortest of moments to enable these photos.

Julia Creek dunnart 2

Julia Creek dunnart 1