Daily Archives: 01/09/2013

At around 5.45 pm, this is how it looked, headlights shining, as we searched for our destination using the GPS. Our position on the map hovered over blank space with the flag point moving closer and sometimes further away.

night arrival - Parry Creek Farm

All’s well that ends well and we were soon enjoying the company of Anne and Terry (owners of Parry Creek Farm just south of Wyndham), their staff and two other guests over a roast lamb dinner.

The other guests were, like us, there for the bird life, except that Mike and Elizabeth Fidler have an obsession (Mike’s word) with one particular bird, the Gouldian Finch.  You can read more about their work and the Save the Gouldian Fund here.

You have to be up very very early to catch the Gouldian Finch at a few select watering holes.  I didn’t make a siting, despite a 5.30 am start, but did manage to capture photographs of a few of the species around Parry Creek and at Marlgu Billabong from its excellent hide facility.  Featured feathered friends include Magpie Geese, Brolgas, Australian Pelicans, Egrets, Herons, ducks, a wren ? and a pigeon thrown in for good measure.  To reduce the number of question marks, I have since purchased this reference book. Does this mean I’m on the way to becoming a fully fledged twitcher?

Slater Field Guide

look over there! - Magpie Geese - Parry Creek Farm

 Magpie Geese pair - reflectionssynchronised swimming - magpie geese

egret - billabong

pelican and ducks - billabongKimberley pelicanwrenpigeon - Parry Creek Farm

Marlgu Billabong was our first siting of a salt water crocodile in the wild on this trip.  He wasn’t close so the photographic evidence isn’t the best quality.

brolga and croc