Daily Archives: 18/08/2013

Recipe for a lazy Sunday.

Breakfast at Zanders on Cable Beach and a visit to some of the points of interest in and around Broome. Must include stopping at a cafe for a watermelon, orange and ginger juice on ice.

I can confidently predict that watching camels on the beach may be on the list of things to do around sunset.

Cable Beach Sunday morningStreeter's Jetty Sunday morningStreeter's Jetty in use - Broomeend of the restored Streeter's JettyChinatown shops Sunday morningShopfront sign - Broome Sunday morning

The first Japanese person was interred in this cemetery in 1896.  There are 919 people buried here, many of whom were pearl divers who either drowned or died from diver’s paralysis, also known as the bends.  In 1908 and 1935, cyclones took a large number of men working on pearl luggers in 1908 and 1935.  Some of the stones, many of them large beach rocks, have shells left as small grave markers by visitors.

Japanese Cemetery Broome 2Japanese Cemetery Broome 1Japanese Cemetery Broome 4Japanese Cemetery Broome 5Japanese Cemetery Broome 6