they’re racing at Broome

Fashion on the field at country races is a delight to behold. It’s fair to say that pretty much anything goes and there was much to enjoy in the bold choices made by some. To explain the word thongs in this context for any American readers, in this case it means flip-flops.

No thongs or singletsThis is Shaun McGruddy on board Reprisal, the winner of the Cup. To the dear reader who advised me to look out for Shaun McGruddy, I took your advice. I looked out for him but neglected to follow through with the money. Today I was working with the number 4 which served me reasonably well in the first two races but deserted me as the afternoon went on.

Winning smile - Shaun McCruddyHere are a few more pictures of the equine beauties.

They're racing at Broome 1They're racing at Broome 2They're racing at Broome 3They're racing at Broome 4The two clerks of the course staged a thrilling home stretch run during the the Cup race much to the delight of the crowd.

I’m still trying to fathom whether the course announcer was oblivious to the fact that his microphone was on during two exchanges with the bloke apparently employed to look after the sound system. Let’s call the sound guy Gerry because that was apparently his name.

First we heard “Gerry, fix the sound!” as the feedback whistled across the air waves.

Later in the day, I thought we had accidentally fallen into the classic Alan / Steve shtick when Mr Announcer boomed the following:

“Gerry!  Gerry!  Gerry!”


“Turn the bloody speakers down, you’re driving everyone crazy!”

Entertainment was all around and any losses incurred were small ones. I backed a horse called Just James in the Cup Race on account of one of my dear ones, but alas Just James was not to be the pot of gold at the end of what was a most colourful day.

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