when paddling your own canoe is not efficient

Thursday 8 August

Nothing like a good night’s sleep and a new day to clear the bad vibes.  Besides which, we had a canoe waiting to be paddled on Dimond Gorge.

This Crimson Finch was one of many flitting and feeding around the grasses near our camp around breakfast time.

Crimson Finch 1 - Mornington camp ground

Here are some of the highlights all of which, except for the dragon fly shots, were taken from the front of the yellow canoe in the company of a bottle of water and a waterproof picnic hamper for lunch. I dread to think how I would have navigated my way around this body of water if I’d gone solo. The master of the craft at the helm kept minds and bodies on course.

Dimond Gorge canoe trip 1Dimond Gorge canoe trip 2

Egret - Dimond Gorge, Morningtondragon fly 2 - Dimond Gorge, Morningtondragon fly - Dimond Gorge, Mornington

1 comment
  1. tingle said:

    Gorgeous. What a gift to see your photos. Thank you for sharing them with us.

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