Wandjina Gorge and Tunnel Creek

10 and 11 August

At this westerly end of the Gibb River “Road”, the gorge turn offs are closer in distance so we were setting up camp around lunchtime.  It was one of the hottest days we’ve had so far hitting 36 degrees around 1pm and not dropping from that until after three.

The Windjana Gorge campsite is a short walk from the gorge.  In the afternoon, you lose about 10 degrees temperature inside the gorge and it’s a relatively easy tramp in.

The pools along the gorge, not very deep in this driest of dry seasons, are home to freshwater crocodiles and a wide variety of birds, including a white faced heron, a night heron nestled in the brush across the water and a couple of black-fronted dotterels.

fish fossil - Windjana Gorge

Windjana Gorge reflectionsWindjana Gorge rockscape reflectionsfreshwater croc - Windjana Gorge

black-fronted dotterell 1Corella - Windjana GorgeNankeen Night Heron - Windjana GorgeWhite faced heron - Windjana Gorgedouble barred finch - Windjana GorgeWedgetail Eagle - Windjana GorgeFreshwater croc out of water - Windjana GorgeThese pics represent our two days at this site.  We drove up to Tunnel Creek Gorge on the second day.  It was also very cool as most of it is in a cave system, hence the name.  You need torches and wet walking gear.  My aversion to running into even harmless crocs as you walk through water in the dark had me stopping half way at the opening. This gorge is also home to many species of vociferous bats.

In other news, don’t ever think you can disappear into the wilderness and not run into people you know. It was fun to run into Charles and Ashley from my local hairdressing salon back home.  We’d spoken of our respective trips some months ago, but never expected to run into each other at Windjana Gorge. Courtesy of Charles and Ashley we are now in possession of a red claw trap for use in freshwater creeks AND the honeydew melon to go with it. Charles was very impressed with our support system for the strut on the van, particularly the fallback position of the portable toilet sitting on top of the wardrobe. You use what you have, don’t you.

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