the kindness of strangers

Wednesday 7 August

When you’re living out of car fridges and cooking with a gas stove, stopping in at a roadhouse around breakfast time can be a treat, toasted sandwiches being a case in point. We stocked up on yoghurt as well and the day was feeling pretty good.

Mid-morning, we took off (via Galvins Gorge) for Mornington Wilderness Reserve run by the Australian Wildlife Conservancy.

At check-in, we booked in for a canoe paddle on Dimond Gorge the next day, then went to find a camp spot. We settled between two other couples and proceeded with the usual routine.  It was all going well until another unwelcome ping was heard as the roof was being cranked up.

I insert this small painting of the beautiful blue-winged kookaburra to ensure that you are not exposed to the unseemly thoughts and sometimes expressed words that manifested themselves on or just after this winged kookaburra water colour and pencil

It was a similar problem to the last time. As they say in some parts of the world, same-same but different. In the heat of the afternoon, when we should have been relaxing with a beer, Himself was inside the cupboards again after another unpacking of the van contents to discover the problem.

Here’s where the kind strangers came in. The two fellows either side of us pitched in with willing heads, hands, spare parts and soldering irons to work out a way to get the problem strut up and playing its part again.  They must have put 2 hours in before the official test took place.  It worked …. Yay! ….. until it didn’t.

So a temporary fix was put in place, using a steel pole (supplied by Ross) and a breadboard.  We faced the next couple of hours needing to repack and redistribute things.  The preparation of dinner was going to be a long way off and just another chore to complete in the night.

So it’s a big thank you to Ross, and to Peter and Vicki who invited us over to join them in a splendid curry dinner. “Just bring your chairs”. Turns out these seasoned campers live a couple of suburbs away from us, which is a good thing as we’ll  be able to return the kindness later this year.  It was a most welcome gesture that softened the edges of a tiring afternoon.

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