Silent Creek and Bell Gorge

9 August – Mornington to Silent Creek / Bell Gorge

We managed to decamp in a manner better than expected given that it now involves removing varying supports as the crank is wound down.

We had a fleeting interaction with the outside world at Imintji Roadhouse where we stopped for an hour for tea and raspberry muffins and shared a roo pie.

As we arrived at Silent Creek, wondering how the assembly of the van would go, Ross from Mornington (who is travelling in the same direction as us) appeared out of nowhere and stood by until he knew he was needed to raise the roof and then quietly disappeared. Sweet!

The evening fare is starting to get a big hit and miss (or adventurous if you prefer) as creative combinations of remaining food stores are put into play.  Tonight it was chorizo, spinach, fresh tomatoes (from the Imintji store), a slosh of passata with fusilli pasta.

What? Let me tell you simple successes are a bonus at the moment !

There will be no mention of Bell Gorge from me as I opted out when I read about steep slippery rocks on the last leg.  So I got as far as the first creek and waited for birds to turn up within range of the camera.

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