Mitchell Falls

An early rise at camp today to ensure we had a place on a helicopter flight back from the top of Mitchell Falls after the walk up.

This youngster observed the breakfast procedures with interest.

2 Aug - young wedgetail eagle
The walk up to the falls began with this possum (?) siting. He/she refused to face the camera for many walkers. I think this look might have been to ensure we were on our way.

2 Aug - quoll - Mitchell Falls Walk

Further up the track and closer to the top of the falls were these Aboriginal rock carvings openly visible from the path.

2 Aug - rock art Mitchell Falls walk

2 Aug - double barred finches - Mitchell Falls Walk

It’s a bit of a slippery walk in parts and a water crossing requires some care, but once at the top the walk proved its worth.  The last shot is from the helicopter that took 6 mins to get us back to camp.

2 Aug Mitchell Falls2 Aug Mitchell Falls from helicopterLater in the afternoon, we had a soak in the nearest water hole. My soak came prematurely as I slipped nearing the destination.  I was glad I didn’t have the camera in tow, and who needs a dry towel anyway?

Back at camp, it was clear that we had not been as vigilent with putting one of the items of food out of reach of the clever crows. Who knew they liked macadamia nuts and could cut their way through vacuum-pack plastic?

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  1. tingle said:

    If that is a possum, they are far cuter where you are than where we are. Here they look like giant hideous rats. {{shudder}}

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