McGowan Island

Early morning on McGowan Island Beach is quiet and cool before the heat of the day kicks in around 8 am.

4 Aug - early morning McGowan's 24 Aug - early morning McGowan's4 Aug - morning Masked Lapwing - McGowan's

We went into Kulumburu to catch the short opening hours of the store and purchase our visitor’s pass. No fuel is available in town on Saturday or Sunday so we left that until Monday morning, putting off payment of $2.99 per litre for diesel.

Before heading back to camp we checked out the fuselage of an old Mitchell Bomber, the history of which is available in the Catholic Mission’s Museum which we visited the following day. Kulumburu and other parts west of Darwin were bombed during World War Two.

I spent a little while with the brushes in the afternoon and later on tramped across the rocks to watch Rob wet the fishing line and be on self-appointed croc watch. I may have been a little too good at that job, identifying a croc-shaped rock as a threat to the mission.

It was a successful wetting of the line. Nothing more than that. You need to get out on a boat with some heavy line if you’re seriously wanting a nibble on the lure.

The new fridge we bought to replace the dead one in the van was working so well, we drank frozen beers before a dinner of tortellini. No fish were harmed in the production of the meal.

McGowan Island pandanus

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