Pottering around El Questro before crossing the Pentecost River

Some days are diamonds as they say and today (Monday 29 July) was a diamond day with the camera.  As we visited a few of the attractions in this privately owned park, two special photo opportunities fell into my lap, assisted by the fact that the right lens and settings were on the camera at the time.

At Chamberlain Gorge this dragon fly put in an appearance at my feet.

Chamberlain Gorge panorama

dragon fly - Chamberlain Gorge

We drove into El Questro Gorge which has thus far proved to be the deepest water crossing we’ve made. Of course I had to get out of the car to capture the adventurous one fording the stream.

out of El Questro Gorgeinto El Questro Gorge

Coming out of the Gorge, this Rainbow Bee Eater sat on a branch and posed.  Right moment, right light, right lens.

Rainbow bee eater 1Rainbow bee eater 2Rainbow bee eater 3

This grevillea was in the right place at the right time too – in Emma Gorge.

Emma Gorge Grevillea

Then it was back on the Gibb River Road as random fires ran in the range.  It was on to the legendary Pentecost River crossing which was more like a toddlers pool in depth given the lateness of the dry season and, did I mention it’s been dry and dusty? It’s not recommended to walk across this river, but no self-respecting salt water crocodile was likely to front up here for a drag and roll manoeuvre.

Cockburn Range afternoon firesPentecost River crossing panoramaRange at the Pentecost River crossing

Across the river we camped in an old quarry which probably ranks as my least favourite camping spot thus far, but one shouldn’t complain at the price. Still, we had a lovely view of the fires as their glow lit the night sky. Not threatening, but a little concerning until the wind took a welcome change in direction.

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  1. tingle said:

    Right lens and right timing but the photographer has a pretty decent eye as well. STUNNING.

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