camel racing

Saturday 13 July (written 15 July)

After the vandemonium of the past couple of days, it was good to have our attention diverted by the race that stops Alice Springs if not the nation.

The nine-race event that is Camel Cup Day is an annual event that attracts over 5,000 spectators and international attention. This year, a television crew from the Japanese NHK network covered the race.

Here’s just some of the fun.

Camel Cup Day 6

Camel Cup Day 5

Camel Cup Day 1

Camel Cup Day 4

Camel Cup Day 2By happy coincidence, we met up with my family and our fellow travellers at the event.  Dinner at the Hanuman Restaurant in the Hilton Hotel was a fabulous collation of Indian and Thai dishes. Sweet!

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  1. tingle said:

    I am a lunatic over here at my kitchen counter, guffawing and slapping my thigh at every hilarious post. “Vandemonium.” You are making my morning, Lynn Walsh! I love this trip.

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