Daily Archives: 06/07/2013

We are about to embark on the trip south on the Birdsville Track. Whether we take the Inside Track or the Outside Track is yet to be determined. As with all stories that pass from driver to driver, there are different versions of the current condition of both roads. Currently the Inside Track has the inside running.

It will take 2 days to arrive in Marree. This post is for the dear reader who asked for a map to be included in future posts as she has apparently lost her atlas and Google Maps is unavailable at her residence. BTW, the map and aerial shot in this post are courtesy of Google Maps. In this topographic visual A = Birdsville, in Queensland, just north of the South Australian border.  The drive south to Mungerannie is through the Sturt Stony Desert, and all things being equal may take us up to 7 hours to drive 320 odd kilometres. You do the maths dear reader on the speeds likely to be attained. B = Mungerannie Birdsville to Marree via MungerannieC = Marree in South Australia.  The big blue mass on the left of the ‘track’ is Kati Thanda-Lake Eyre. Lake Eyre - Google MapWe’ll take our time heading to Oodnadatta (probably next ‘on-air’ town) from Marree.  I’ve scheduled a post for your edification to appear in 2 or 3 days time while we are out of range. Enjoy.