Daily Archives: 05/07/2013

A visit to the Birdsville Race Track on a brisk breezy morning. While the wind was whistling through the steel pipes at the track, it was tearing down our awning back at the park. Some very kind people tied it down in our absence.

Birdsville races 1Birdsville races 2Birdsville races 3Off to Big Red and associated sand dunes 35 kilometres out of town. While Himself was readying for a dune climb, I took photos of some pretty flowers….
tyres down - Big Reddesert flowerwattle flower

He made it up the top while I felt the necessity to document from below.
Rob - top of dune

Further along the dune system, there was a waterway attracting birds. These dabbling ducks in a row are Australasian Shovelers that filter the muddy water for aquatic invertebrates with their spatula shaped bills.Australasian Shovelers 2Australasian Shovelers in a row

Here’s the view up to the dunes and around the watercourse before we left the water’s edge and headed up.
dune vistawatercourse panoramadirectionsheading up the dune

Made it! on top of the dune - Big Reddune view 2dune view 1dune panorama 2dune panorama 1

down the dune