and so to Birdsville

Sunrise over Cadelga Homestead RuinsThis is how the morning sun looked at Cadelga Homestead ruins.  I cannot lie, it was a wee bit chilly, but leaving the warm bed to see this light was irresistible.

Morning light at Cadelga Ruins

Old car - morning at Cadelga Ruins

As I was photographing the structures and the amazing old abandoned car, for a brief moment I thought I heard an engine start up. Except it wasn’t an engine. It was a large flock of galahs leaving their night’s roost and tearing up the river with only their wings making sound through the cold air.

Morning galahs - Cadelga Homestead

On the road again and in just over 2 hours we were in Birdsville, home of the Birdsville Races, the Birdsville Hotel and the Birdsville Bakery, prize winning baker of fine pastries such as Camel Curry, and Kangaroo and Claret pie.  They also tend a blooming garden of Sturt’s Desert Peas.

Approaching Birdsville

Birdsville - Google Map

Birdsville panorama

786466a6e3b211e293ab22000a9f1919_7Sturt's Desert PeaBefore heading for the pub, we walked along the billabong and found this dart sunning itself.  Across the river a feral cat was on the prowl for birds in the river grasses.

The beer is good and cold at the hotel in case you were wondering.

Dart on the Birdsville billabong

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