in which we hit the gravel to Innamincka

When you look at this aerial shot of Innamincka and its surrounding landscape it’s hard to fathom the amount of flood water that came through here recently. This is our resting place for tonight, and maybe another and another.

From Thargomindah, the asphalt on the road narrowed somewhat as we passed through oil and gas fields, towards the Grey Range (all 190 metres of it) and onto the gravel for the first time. Tyre pressure went down then up again for a long bitumen stretch then down again once we crossed the border into South Australia.

Lunch was a creative number which I guarantee has never been done before – dolmades wraps.

Music from the car speakers today via the wonders of Bluetooth included the wonderful Ruthie Foster. The lyrics of Mama Said resonated. “Try to keep my head held high and tell my feet not to be in such a hurry”.  Let’s hope the open space and sky will slow us down.

We arrived in Innamincka to an eerie dust haze just before 3, a kind of peak hour for the B-doubles making it difficult to make out the pub. We’re camping on Coopers Creek tonight. No electricity or water. Tonight’s post is brought to you by battery power, and if it does actually escape from here, is courtesy of the Innamincka Hotel, whose wireless coverage extends to our sand lodgings on the creek.

We made the trek up to the pub after dinner. As we are now in South Australia, a pint of Coopers Pale Ale was obligatory.

Tomorrow we are off to see a tree and two grave sites, both of which are unoccupied. Hopefully there will be some life in those stories when tomorrow comes.

Innamincka - Google Map 1 - Emus running - Thargo to Innamincka

3 - Brahman cattle

2 - Road to Innamincka 1

4 - Welcome to SA sign5 - Innamincka Regional Reserve entry Coopers Creek campsite

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