hanging in Thargomindah

One of Thargomindah’s claims to fame is its early implementation of electric street lighting powered by hydro-electric power generated from artesian water. As the sign at the old bore site says – London, Paris, Thargomindah. It was 1898, and Paris beat Thargomindah by one day.

Main Street Thargomindah c 1904

Image (Main Street, Thargomindah ca 1904) – John Oxley Library – State Library of Queensland – out of copyright.

Washing - bore water

After some attention to the necessaries, our familiarisation with the town began with a walk along the Bulloo River from our ‘lodgings’ to the old Cobb and Co crossing site.

Balloo RiverBalloo River walkCobb and Co crossing - Balloo RiverDown to the old hospital which is now a museum


Yard - old hospital

This flock of corellas was having the best time in the sky, outnumbering the also numerous wedge tailed eagles sharing the air currents. This photo was adapted with FX Ancient Canvas.

Corellas - Ancient Canvas

Then out to the original hydro-electricity facility. Hot hot hot water.

Hydro power - ThargomindahWindmill - Ancient CanvasA little way out of town is the Historic Cemetery, sparsely populated with headstones.  Further out is the modern cemetery, the population of which was supplemented by the presence of a number of grazing horses.

Historic cemeteryCemetery - horse panoramaThe day ended with dinner at the Bulloo River Hotel. And now that I’ve correctly identified the gender division of the facilities in the van park, I am at a lower risk of embarrassing myself tonight.  Note to self – the presence of very large working boots outside one of the shower cubicles is, not always but often, a sign.

We’re heading to Innamincka in South Australia tomorrow. I can feel the internet signals fading ………..

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