heading west – fog, galahs and a cockroach story

For those of you who would prefer a shorthand version of our travels today, here’s a precis.

Today we travelled from here (St George)

St George - Google Map

via here (Cunnamulla)
Cunnamulla - Google Map

to here (Thargomindah).
Thargomindah - Google MapAerial pics via Google Maps.

For more, read on Macduff. (Yes I know it’s not “read on” in the original. Poetic licence reigns particularly when I’m sitting here watching the sun go over the horizon with a cold beer).

Against character, we were up and on the road early. Remember though that early is all relative particularly in the world of seasoned caravan travellers of which we are not.

Here’s proof of the early hour on the Balonne River.

Morning fog on the Balonne

Morning moonWith 500 kilometres ahead of us, hot drinks and Vegemite toast to hand, we set off.

Before long, a distracting noise was detected.  If you’d been a fly on the wall you may have overheard this conversation. “Noise is often the first indication that something’s wrong.” “So why don’t you listen to me more often?”

You’ll be pleased to hear we tested the GPS and found it to be working, the first instruction being in 175 kilometres, turn right.

In today’s FAUNA NEWS, one kangaroo is very lucky to still be alive. His timing was impeccable. We had our first echidna siting. Sheep, cattle, roos, emus and feral cats and goats made up the balance. I captured these galahs attempting to race us up the highway.

GalahsI can’t leave you tonight without sharing the story of Destructo the Cockroach. Yes, another monument to an insect, this time in Eulo.  It’s a tragic tale that took place at the Lizard Racing Track in 1980. Destructo was accidentally killed after winning The Challenge Stakes for Cockroaches. I don’t know the details, but you can imagine the owner moving quickly from elation to disbelief. It seems fitting to memorialise him don’t you think?

We were at Eulo for lunch and enjoyed the picnic shelter provided in The Lizard Lounge beside the Eulo Bore. These cattle were in town for a visit, keeping a watchful eye on the Bore.

Lizard Racing TrackDestructo monumentEulo Lizard Lounge signLizard Lounge EuloCattle - Eulo

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