sunset river walk in St George ends the day

There’s quite a deal of Coal Seam Gas extraction going on in the Dalby district if the presence of wells, rigs and surveyors is anything to go by. The first wallaby we saw today was a live one. The rest is sad news. The good news is that the predator birds in the district are very good at scouring the roads for their sustenance. Even some pigs featured in the road kill toll.

Speaking of food, what’s available for lunch in roadhouse establishments is motivation for us to begin the self-catering discipline tomorrow. Let’s just say – when too much white bread is enough.  Still the coffee was good at the Moonie Crossroads Roadhouse and we were happy to get out of the vehicle for a break.

Moonee Crossroads Roadhouse

I spent the afternoon having limited success experimenting with possible rig ups for our new GoPro camera. I thought I’d found a good spot for the suction cap on my passenger window until Himself pointed out that he couldn’t see the rear vision mirrors. A minor point – conceded.

As we got closer to St George, the sides of the roads were littered with cotton, presumably lost off trucks. Our arrival time in St George meant we had time for a good amble up the Balonne River walk into town. Here are a few snaps.

Australian Hotel - Balonne River

Flood levels - Balonne River

Barnaby Joyce

plants on the river - sunset Balonne

Weir buoys on the Balonne - sunset

Weir buoys 2

man on river bank - weir

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  1. As someone who loves taking pictures as we drive along (and whose driver has an aversion to stopping too often) I have often said that I’d like to ave a camera mounted on the outside of the car. I saw your mention of the Go Pro and went to their website. I’ll be interested to hear if you mount it successfully and how you use it. Pleased you mentioned this blog which I am now following.

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