on the road – preliminaries

Is it just me or I am right to be wary of going on a 12 week road trip to Broome and back where half the volume on board is taken up by items (with the possible exception of insect repellent and sunscreen) aimed at being able to manage a situation AFTER the event.

Some people may consider me to be a tad risk averse and this is indeed true. The fact that Himself (the more adventurous one in the party of two) is taking great care to be prepared for the worst is not exactly adding to my anticipation of a fun time being had by all.

If it was left to me, travel preparation would go thus.

1. book plane ticket

2. tick box for insurance

3. pack camera, a few clothes with the passport

4. make way to airport

I offer this reassuring note to my friends, particularly those who laughed out loud and for a long time when I told them we were going on a LONG journey with a van and a tent.

If we do get bogged, we have a big jack, something called a winch, and copious tools and rope. If we get a flat tyre we have something that pumps it up again after it’s repaired with whatever’s in the tyre repair kit and two spare tyres. Amazingly we will be lowering the pressure of our tyres deliberately from time to time – apparently it’s a 4WD thing you need to do when going over sand.

We won’t be fishing or camping anywhere near crocodiles – and if we do, I’ll be the one up a tree a couple of kilometres away.

We have a first aid kit and I have brushed up on how to manage a snake bite. I say this seriously as – I don’t like snakes and I cannot lie.

If the engine overheats and things blow we’ve got that covered. Spare fuel containers – tick; spare water containers – tick; additional car battery – tick.

Not to mention other items meant to (let’s face it, not really) replace the usual comforts of home.

portable cubicleFront of mind, there’s this pop-up privacy structure for showering. How creative was it for someone to invent a gizmo that pumps water from a bucket using a hand held rose. The aforesaid structure will also house a portable toilet. I’m hoping it’s my imagination but I can feel my body shutting down at the mere thought. If this isn’t tied down with guy-ropes in a stiff breeze, at least there’s the basis of a funny story somewhere down the blog track.

If you’re reading this, we’re on our way. Himself might consider this something of a miracle given my expressed reluctance thus far. Still, I’m looking forward to getting where we’re going even if the method of travel is by caravan.

Hold on – what’s that Himself is saying? “Did we pack the ……?”

  1. Bronwyn said:


  2. Ha we used something similar on our last camping trip as an outdoor toilet. It was a lot easier than walking across a dark muddy field to visit the shower block in the middle of the night!

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