mandarin marmalade

This is what happens to mandarins that sit in the fruit bowl and look for all the world that no-one is going to eat them.

I used this recipe from ABC Tasmania inspired by its simplicity.

Along the way, I added my own instructions to fill in the gaps.

1. Take off the stickers on the fruit before placing them in the water.

mandarins 1

2. Throw in the whole lemon as well as its juice.

mandarins 2

3. Find out what temperature setting point is.

It’s 220C.
mandarins 3mandarins 4

4. Try really hard to reach it.  I got to 215C and if I’d waited much longer for the gas stove to get there, the jam would have evaporated.

mandarins 5

5. Insert the word ‘carefully’ at the pouring into jars stage.

mandarins 6

6. Once cool, whack the jars in the fridge and hope to high heaven that the beautifully coloured marmalade will set magically overnight.

mandarins 7

PS – it tastes REALLY good!

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